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Those who can do it, can teach it.

We are the Born-Digital Business School that can teach you how to do things in practice, to guarantee your professional growth with flexible methods and practical training.

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Practical lessons in Live Streaming with international managers, face-to-face sessions within the most prestigious companies and a dedicated on-demand channel. The courses will provide internship opportunities and blockchain diplomas.


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Valentina Rummo
Valentina Rummo
Master in Green & Sustainability Management

I chose the Master to enrich my cultural background in the Green field, thanks to its current and innovative themes. The teaching method has enhanced the potential of the individual student.

Rosa Martucci
Master in Web Marketing, Social Media e Graphic Design

I recommend the academy to those looking for a way to deepen their knowledge, put it into practice and deal with a stimulating environment every day, cannot fail to choose

Mario Spagnolo
Master in Human Resources Management

The Master and have transferred to me the passion for training, the concept of operation as the basic principle of learning and that time is the scarcest resource we have.

Antonella Savino
Master in Hotel Management & Digital Tourism 4.0

Thanks to the master’s degree, I understood even more that the job I would like is absolutely in this sector, merging my passion for languages ​​and the desire to interface with guests in accommodation facilities. Business School passed with full marks.

Veronica Di Romano
Master in Finanza, Controllo e Tecnologie Finanziarie

I chose because of the Masters I had seen, it immediately seemed to me the one that came closest to my training and work objectives, plus I have the possibility to follow it online. In addition, the practical cut allows you to enter the world of work faster.

Luca Olivares
Master in Giurista d'Impresa 4.0 e Contrattualistica Digitale

A path entirely designed to measure and in view of the company experience. A decidedly positive experience, a master’s degree with practical exercises, held by teachers with professional experience.

Giulia Tomelleri
Master in Giurista d'Impresa 4.0 e Contrattualistica Digitale

I would recommend the master for the quality of the service, the teachers and the method of carrying out the liquid learning.
The lesson in presence at Telsy in Rome was also stimulating.

Gabriele Burgarella
Master in E-commerce, Retail Omnichannel e Supply Chain

The path allowed me to better understand the design phases of the e-commerce platform. I think it will help me to reduce design time and also improve performance.